FICPI, The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys

Code of Conduct

FICPI members are reminded of their obligations under FICPI's code of professional conduct, known as the “Lugano Code”.

The Lugano Code is determined by the Executive Committee; FICPI's Advisory Council ensures the observance of the Lugano Code by all its members.  National Associations have the ability to set their own rules regarding the soliciting of orders and of the publishing of advertisements by an Intellectual IP attorney in their own countries. 

Any complaint relating to a possible violation of FICPI’s statutes, rules, code of professional conduct or decisions of the EXCO by an intellectual property attorney of the federation should first be addressed to the President, who may be able to resolve the issue informally. Any unresolved concerns may be referred to the Deontology Commission.

Members who wish to use the FICPI logo on any of their communications should refer to the Guidelines for that use, found in the FICPI Library

You may download the full Code of Conduct here.



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