FICPI, The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys

Who are FICPI Members?

Members of FICPI come from all aspects of private practice in the field of IP*, practising in patent, trade mark, design and other IP matters on behalf of clients who may be owners of IP rights or third parties.

FICPI members represent clients ranging from individuals and SMEs to multi-national industries, as well as universities, governmental and non-governmental organisations and other institutions.

Membership in FICPI is restricted to qualified and experienced IP practitioner whose peers can confirm their good reputation and character and support their application for membership.

Applications for membership of FICPI by candidates in a country where there is a national IP association that is a member of FICPI should be made though that association. Some national sections of FICPI also have the power to admit their own members.  Candidates for FICPI membership who are unable to join an established national group are approved for membership by the Executive Committee, after existing FICPI members have had an opportunity to comment on the candidate’s suitability.

*  For the purposes of FICPI membership an IP practitioner is one specialised in IP matters, with the right to represent a party before the authority responsible for granting an IP right in their country or region, and who has passed any required qualifying examination for that authority.



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