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FICPI, The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Scam Emails Targeting FICPI Members

04th November, 2019

It is regrettable that FICPI members are subject to periodic scam attacks.  So far, these have taken the form of an email purporting to be from a senior FICPI officer (usually the president) who says he is abroad where it is very late and has received a message from another named FICPI colleague who is also travelling and has run into trouble at an airport.  The scammer asks the recipient to call a telephone number and make arrangements to give the other FICPI colleague financial assistance. This type of fraudulent request is insidious because it plays on the valuable trust that is inherent in the relationships between members of the FICPI community.  However, these messages are not sent by anyone connected with FICPI and are illegal.  No FICPI member will ever contact you in an official capacity to ask for financial assistance for themselves or for others.  Please do not respond to requests for assistance of this kind.  

FICPI has made efforts to track down those responsible for the scam messages, but without success. We have notified the police and the email providers concerned to blacklist the domain names that are used.  Often, these messages are received on a mobile phone or other mobile device which does not automatically show the email address from which the message originates. Only a name is shown, making the email look authentic.  If you have any doubt as to the origin of an email that seems to be from a FICPI member, please check the email address.  FICPI emails will only come from the domain ficpi.org, which is owned by FICPI.  Other domains will not be used.  

Please note that FICPI takes these scamming attacks very seriously. However, FICPI regrets that it cannot be responsible or liable for any losses incurred by members or third parties as a result.  Members and others are urged to treat all emails soliciting financial assistance with great care and an appropriate degree of scepticism.  

Julian Crump
President of FICPI

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