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B+ Sub-Group Welcomes FICPI’s Contribution to Patent Law Harmonisation Project

16th December, 2018

An Agreed Statement has just been published on the EPO's website which reports on the deliberations of the B+ Sub-Group meeting on 26 September 2018 in Geneva.  FICPI was invited to present its “Position on Patent Law Harmonization (Group B+)” which was adopted by the ExCo in June 2018 at the Toronto World Congress. The members of thhe B+ Sub-Group found the presentation interesting and appreciated FICPI's continuous work over many years on these issues. The B+ members discussed the possibility of including FICPI’s findings into its future work and agreed to invite the Industry Trilateral to respond to the FICPI proposals. 

A copy of the Agreed Statement can be found here.

Author: Julian Crump

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