South East Asian Edition (formerly SEAD)

The course focuses on practical exercises on patent drafting, with major focus on identifying the inventive concept correctly in the first place
I joined the SEAD course in 2006 and I was the first one from our Firm to join the course. For me, this was the turning point of my career as a Patent Attorney.  The course focuses on practical exercises on patent drafting, with major focus on identifying the inventive concept correctly in the first place. With 5 tutors from different countries having several differences in their patent practice, you learn how to draft the same patent for different jurisdictions and how to keep your options open while you undertake drafting work.  The heart of the course really lies in its tutors - they all are vastly experienced and knowledgable in patent drafting and prosecution, have rather contrasting teaching styles and encourage you a lot to find your own drafting style.  Over the years, at least 10 patent attorneys from our Firm have undertaken the SEAD course and in our practice, the SEAD course is indeed considered to be the foundation for being a successful patent attorney.
Chetan Chadha - Attorney at law & Patent attorney
CHADHA & CHADHA Intellectual Property Law Firm


South East Asian Edition (formerly SEAD) 2017 - Malaysia

The course equipped us with some of the latest updates in the field of patents
I joined SEAD FICPI Course in 2017 in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The course equipped us with some of the latest updates in the field of patents. In addition to that we were given opportunities to practice in the workshop. This is very beneficial since we could apply what we obtained in the lecture to practice. The lecturers were always open to questions and they always provided easily comprehended answers.
Farid Hardigaluh
PT Rouse Consulting International - IndonesiaFarid Hardigaluh


South East Asian Edition (formerly SEAD) 2015 - Malaysia

This course really brought me a lot of benefits
I had joined the FICPI SEAD patent drafting course held in Kuala Lumpur, 2015. This course really brought me a lot of benefits, even though I was already an experienced patent engineer and had been trained in Law firm for over 8 years at that time.  The whole course was indeed well designed. From an initial idea of defining a concept of invention, to the writing skill for drafting a complete patent specification, this course taught me in great details which is very useful for my work currently and also has broadened my vision and perspective about patent drafting. A two-week training and lots of group work also provided sufficient time for participants to exchange ideas from each other. The instructors also helped to guide the discussion while we got stuck with progressing further.  Moreover, thanks for this course, I had the chance to make many friends, and we still are in contact with each other and exchange opinions from time to time. It helps a lot to explore different patent law systems in different countries for filing applications overseas.  I would say the instructors are very professional and have sufficient expertise to answer our questions, and they are all very friendly and attentive. Thanks for your teaching!! I really had great time and learned a lot from you!! This course was totally different from other patent drafting courses I had participated. Strongly recommended for any experienced patent engineers or attorneys to join!!! 
Chun-Ping Yu
Section Manager

“Provided invaluable insight on the fundamental principles and best practices concerning Patent Drafting”
This course has been an eye-opening and memorable experience for me as it not only provided invaluable insight on the fundamental principles and best practices concerning Patent Drafting, but further provided a platform for participants like myself to network with contemporaries in the field.  Attendance and participation in this course has helped me approach patent drafting in a more systematic and confident manner and as such I believe this course is a must for any individual who is currently pursuing a career in the field of patents, as it provides the practitioner with insight on the fundamental principles underlying patent drafting and patent drafting best practices. I would especially sincerely recommend this course to anyone aspiring to be a patent attorney.  
Mohaganesh Velautham
Patent Engineer


South East Asian Edition (formerly SEAD) 2008 - Bangkok

I learnt some of the best practices in the field” 
I have obtained massive valuable information during the course. The emphasis on group discussion and the mentoring by an experienced trainer provided the opportunity to exchange views between group members and trainer. From the informal discussion in relation to IP, and from the trainers who generously shared several drafting techniques, I learnt some of the best practices in this field.
Norunnuha Datuk Hj Nawawi
Managing Director/Registered Patent Agent


South East Asian Edition (formerly SEAD) 2008 - Bangkok

Allowed me to communicate strategically with prospective licensees
I work as a Licensing Officer in the Technology
Transfer Office of the University of Hong Kong. Some of my responsibilities include evaluating patent filing requests from our researchers and negotiating patent license deals with our potential licensees. With no prior formal training in patent drafting, I found the course very useful in allowing me to learn and understand the  intricacies of patent drafting.  This helps me a great deal in understanding the related patents as I perform the prior art search when evaluating a patent filing request. In addition, with the skills learnt from SEAD, it also allows me to communicate strategically with a prospective licensee in a patent license negotiation.
Matchy J. M. Ma


South East Asian Edition (formerly SEAD) 1997 - Singapore

One of the best patent drafting courses available in the Southeast Asian region
In a country like India, the patent system is still evolving and there lies a huge demand for the skilled patent draftsperson to cross the technological spectrum. In spite of this demand, there is no good institution here that can offer quality teaching and knowledge sharing on the subject. This course taught me the basics as well as the
complexities of patent claim and specification drafting in great detail. The different modules of this course were well thought out and designed to allow students to understand various learning stages in an easy manner. Moreover, the SEAD course has some of the best patent professionals across the globe on its panel, who go out of their way to make students like us understand various concepts without much difficulty.  Without any doubt and reservations, I must say that the SEAD course is one of the best patent drafting courses available in the Southeast Asian region, and it should definitely be attended by those professionals who wish to enhance their drafting skills.
Samir Singh


European Edition (formerly EuroSEAD) 1999 - France

A solid background on the art of patent drafting
This course offered me an excellent opportunity to work together with tutors having very strong experience in both patent prosecution and teaching. It gave me a solid background on the art of patent drafting, provided me with a unique opportunity to examine the same invention under a European, US or Japanese perspective and helped me enormously to improve my patent drafting skills.
Constantinos Kilimiris
Partner at Patrinos & Kilimiris

PT Rouse Consulting International - Indonesia