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CET 2 Designs

CET Group 2 is FICPI’s research authority on Design protection. Its main objective is to promote the discussion of the trending topics concerning Industrial Designs in different parts of the world, either in national or international level. CET 2’s body of experts are encouraged to bring to the awareness of the group of new guidelines or positions of different Offices that might affect how designs are protected, in which case CET 2 actively seeks to promote a dialogue with the register authority in order to assure that the views of the Practitioners worldwide is heard. In sum, the CET 2 Group should always be a leader, getting out in front of all issues concerning Design matters.


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Mr. Gabriel Di Blasi

Mr. Gabriel
 Di Blasi

Firm : Di Blasi, Parente & Associados

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Gabriel Di Blasi Brazil

City: Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Member Since : 09/10/2002


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Dipl.-Phys. Jürgen Buchhold

Dipl.-Phys. Jürgen

Firms : Patentanwälte Olbricht, Buchhold, Keulertz / Partnerschaft mbB

Country of practice/residence: Dipl.-Phys. Jürgen Buchhold Germany

City: Frankfurt am Main

Member Since : 9/30/1997


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Mr. Hiromichi Aoki

Mr. Hiromichi

Firm : Yuasa & Hara

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Hiromichi Aoki Japan

City: Tokyo

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Mr. Chris Atichian

Mr. Chris

Firm : Cotters Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Chris Atichian Australia

City: Sydney

Member Since : 01/02/2012

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Ms. Claudia Berndt

Ms. Claudia

Firm : Hahn & Hahn

Country of practice/residence: Ms. Claudia Berndt South Africa

City: Pretoria

Member Since : 16/02/2009

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Ms. Caroline Bommer

Ms. Caroline

Firm : Shelston IP

Country of practice/residence: Ms. Caroline M. Bommer Australia

City: Sydney

Member Since : 23/06/1996

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Mr. David Brophy

Mr. David

Firm : F. R. Kelly & Co.

Country of practice/residence: David Brophy Ireland

City: Dublin 4

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Mr. Lodewyk Cilliers

Mr. Lodewyk

Firm : Spoor & Fisher

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Lodewyk Cilliers South Africa

City: Centurion

Member Since : 01/01/2012

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Mr. Michael Conway

Mr. Michael

Firm : Haseltine Lake Kempner LLP

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Michael Conway United Kingdom

City: Bristol

Member Since : 08/03/2011

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Ms. Silvia Ene

Ms. Silvia

Firm : Cabinet M. Oproiu

Country of practice/residence: Ms. Silvia Ene Romania

City: Bucharest

Member Since : 05/11/2012

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Mr. Peter Everitt

Mr. Peter

Firm : Ridout & Maybee LLP

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Peter Everitt Canada

City: Burlington

Member Since : 28/08/2007

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Mr. Harry Frischknecht

Mr. Harry

Firm : Isler & Pedrazzini AG

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Harry Frischknecht Switzerland

City: Zürich

Member Since : 12/02/2012

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Ms. Britta Fromow

Ms. Britta

Firm : Catalyst IP

Country of practice/residence: Ms. Britta Fromow New Zealand

City: Wellington

Member Since : 01/04/2012

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Ms. Editha Hechanova

Ms. Editha

Firm : Hechanova Bugay & Vilchez

Country of practice/residence: Ms. Editha R. Hechanova Philippines

City: Makati City

Member Since : 07/12/2000

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Mr. Jon Heggstad

Mr. Jon

Firm : Bryn Aarflot AS

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Jon D. Heggstad Norway

City: Oslo

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Dr. Ricardo Henriques

Dr. Ricardo

Firm : Abreu Advogados

Country of practice/residence: Dr. Ricardo Henriques Portugal

City: Lisboa

Member Since : 22/04/2008

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Dr. João Jorge

Dr. João

Firm : RCF-Protecting Innovation, S.A.

Country of practice/residence: Dr. João Carlos Santana Jorge Portugal

City: Lisboa

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Mr. Robert Katz

Mr. Robert

Firm : Banner & Witcoff, Ltd.

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Robert S. Katz USA

City: Washington

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Mr. Yeon Kim

Mr. Yeon

Firm : Hanyang International Patent and Law Firm

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Yeon Soo Kim Korea, Republic of

City: Seoul

Member Since : 25/02/1997

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Ms. Michelle Ma

Ms. Michelle

Firm : Liu, Shen & Associates

Country of practice/residence: Ms. Michelle Tao Ma China

City: Beijing

Member Since : 07/12/2000

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Dipl.-Chem. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Michalski

Dipl.-Chem. Stefan

Firms : Michalski Hüttermann & Partner / Patentanwälte mbB

Country of practice/residence: Dipl.-Chem. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Michalski Germany

City: Düsseldorf

Member Since : 1/25/1996

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Ms. Irmeli Nokkanen

Ms. Irmeli

Firm : Papula Oy

Country of practice/residence: Ms. Irmeli Nokkanen Finland

City: Helsinki

Member Since : 22/04/2010

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Mr. Stephen Perry

Mr. Stephen

Firm : PCKIP (Perry Currier)

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Stephen J. Perry Canada

City: Toronto

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Mr. Iván Poli

Mr. Iván

Firm : Marval O'Farrell & Mairal

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Iván Poli Argentina

City: Buenos Aires

Member Since : 09/01/2010

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Mr. Alex Ross

Mr. Alex

Firm : Gowling WLG

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Alex Ross Canada

City: Hamilton

Member Since : 16/12/2014

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Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Peter Sommer

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Peter

Firm : PRIO Patentanwälte

Country of practice/residence: Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Peter Sommer Germany

City: Mannheim

Member Since : 11/21/1996

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Mr. Mariano Soní

Mr. Mariano

Firm : Bufete Soní

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Mariano Soní Mexico

City: Ciudad de México

Member Since : 08/06/1993

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DI Helmut Sonn

DI Helmut

Firm : Sonn & Partner Patentanwälte

Country of practice/residence: DI Helmut Sonn Austria

City: Wien

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Dott. Stefano Vatti

Dott. Stefano

Firm : Fumero Studio Consulenza Brevetti snc

Country of practice/residence: Dott. Stefano Giacomo Vatti Italy

City: Milano

Member Since : 23/06/2010

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Mr. Robert Watson

Mr. Robert

Firm : Mewburn Ellis LLP

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Robert Watson United Kingdom

City: London

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Ms. Irmak Yalçiner

Ms. Irmak

Firm : Yalçiner Patent & Consulting Ltd.

Country of practice/residence: Ms. Irmak Yalçiner Turkey

City: Ankara

Member Since : 09/12/2013

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Mr. Masashi Yanagida

Mr. Masashi

Firm : Yanagida & Associates

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Masashi Yanagida Japan

City: Yokohama



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