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CET 6 Software, High-Tech, and Computer Related Issues

CET Group 6 focuses on IP issues facing innovators in software, high-tech and other computer-related fields.  Group 6 is also responsible for monitoring and staying current with trends related to patent subject matter eligibility issues affecting these technology fields.  Group 6 is the voice and authority within FICPI on issues and trends related to all emerging digital technologies and IP practice-related issues for practitioners representing clients in these technology fields.


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Mr. Brett J. Slaney

Mr. Brett J. Slaney

Firm : Blake Cassels & Graydon LLP

Country of practice/residence: CanadaCanada

City: Toronto


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Mr. Takeshi Aoki

Mr. Takeshi  Aoki

Firm : Primeworks IP Attorneys

Country of practice/residence: JapanJapan

City: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Technical Specialisms:
Electronics, IT and telecommunicationsSoftware; computer-implemented inventions




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