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FICPI, The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys

Training & Education Commission

The Training & Education Commission promotes training and education of FICPI members, potential members and others interested in IP protection.

FICPI’s Training & Education Commission (TEC) has primary responsibility for devising the content for the working sessions at FICPI’s educational meetings such as its Open Forums and symposia.

The TEC commission also supervises the FICPI Academy of Education which runs the SEAD™ and EuroSEAD™ Courses on patent drafting in Southeast Asia and Europe.

Under FICPI’s strategic plan, the TEC Commission is also looking at measures for providing training and education to potential members in countries and regions where the profession is less well developed.

The president of TEC is elected by the EXCO, and its members are chosen by its president after consultation with the Bureau.


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Mr. Didier Intès

Country/Region of residence: France France

Telephone : +33-1-4418 8900

Firm Email : dintes@bdl-ip.com

Appointed Vice President

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Mr. Essenese Obhan

Country/Region of residence: India India

Telephone : +91-11-4020 0200

Firm Email : Essenese@obhans.com

Course Coordinators

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Mr. Geoffrey De Kleine

Country/Region of residence: Canada Canada

Telephone : +1-604-640 4227

Firm Email : gdekleine@blg.com

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Mr. Eric Le Forestier

Country/Region of residence: France France

Telephone : +33-1-7852 7220

Firm Email : eric@le-forestier.eu


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Mr. Jérôme Collin

Country/Region of residence: France France

Telephone : +33-1-4429 3500

Firm Email : collin@regimbeau.eu

Mr. Jérôme
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Mr. Peter Huntsman

Country/Region of residence: Australia Australia

Telephone : +61-3-8459 7624

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Ms. Kay (Kei) Konishi

Country/Region of residence: Japan Japan

Telephone : 3-5544 8091

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Mr. Valery Medvedev

Country/Region of residence: Russian Federation Russian Federation

Telephone : +7-495- 937-6116

Firm Email : MedvedevV@gorodissky.ru

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Mr. Shoichi Okuyama

Country/Region of residence: Japan Japan

Telephone : +81-3 3508 9577

Firm Email : okuyama@quon-ip.jp

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Dipl.-Phys. Dr.-Ing. Karl Heinz Rackette

Country/Region of residence: Germany Germany

Telephone : +49-761-296 20 0

Firm Email : deanw.rackette@rackette.com

Dipl.-Phys. Karl Heinz
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Dott. Ing. Paolo Rambelli

Country/Region of residence: Italy Italy

Telephone : +39-011-244 0311

Firm Email : jpto@jacobacci.com

Ex Officio Members

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Mr. Marc Chauchard

Country/Region of residence: France France

Mr. Marc
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Dott. Roberto Pistolesi

Country/Region of residence: Italy Italy

Telephone : +39-02-2901 4418

Firm Email : pistolesi@dragotti.com

Dott. Roberto

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