FICPI, The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council assists the Bureau and supervises observance of FICPI’s statutes, rules and code of conduct, the decisions of the EXCO and the traditions of the federation.

The members of the Bureau may seek advice or recommendations from the Council.

The immediate past president of FICPI is the Coordinator of the Advisory Council, which also comprises former presidents, honorary presidents, as well as the presidents of the CET, the Communications Commission, the Contact Commission and the Membership Commission, who are members by right, and five to seven elected councillors.  The Bureau keeps the Coordinator informed of its activities.

The current members of the Advisory Council are:

Convenor of Council

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Mr. Douglas Deeth

Mr. Douglas

Firm : Deeth Williams Wall

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Douglas N. Deeth Canada

City: Toronto

Past Presidents and Presidents of Honour

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Mr. Francis Ahner

Mr. Francis

Firm : FICPI President of Honour

Country of practice: France France

Country/Region of residence:

Member Since : EM = 01/01/2019

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Mr. Alberto De Elzaburu

Mr. Alberto
 De Elzaburu

Firm : Elzaburu

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Alberto De Elzaburu Spain

City: Madrid

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Mr. François Héritier

Mr. François

Firm : FICPI President of Honour

Country of practice:

Country/Region of residence:

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Mr. Danny Huntington

Mr. Danny

Firm : Rothwell, Figg, Ernst & Manbeck, P.C.

Country of practice/residence: Mr. R. Danny Huntington USA

City: Washington

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Mr. Peter Huntsman

Mr. Peter

Firm : Marquette IP

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Peter H. Huntsman Australia

City: Melbourne

Member Since : 16/04/2012 (PoH)

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Mr. Bastiaan Koster

Mr. Bastiaan

Firm : Von Seidels

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Bastiaan H. Koster South Africa

City: Cape Town

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Mr. John Orange

Mr. John

Firm : FICPI President of Honour

Country of practice:

Country/Region of residence:

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Mr. Knud Raffnsøe

Mr. Knud

Firm : FICPI President of Honour & Emeritus Member

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Knud Raffnsøe Denmark

City: Kokkedal

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DI Helmut Sonn

DI Helmut

Firm : Sonn & Partner Patentanwälte

Country of practice/residence: DI Helmut Sonn Austria

City: Wien

Elected Councillors

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Mr. David Cheng

Mr. David

Firm : Ge Cheng & Co.

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Wei Cheng China

City: Beijing

Member Since : 31/03/2001

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Mr. Lennart Karlström

Mr. Lennart

Firm : Noréns Patentbyrå AB

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Lennart Karlström Sweden

City: Stockholm

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Mr. Eric Le Forestier

Mr. Eric
 Le Forestier


Country of practice/residence: Eric Le Forestier France

City: Le Chesnay

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Mr. Jan Modin

Mr. Jan

Firm : Noréns Patentbyrå AB

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Jan Modin Sweden

City: Stockholm

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Dott. Ing. Paolo Stucovitz

Dott. Ing. Paolo

Firm : Dr. Ing. Prof. Alfredo Raimondi S.r.l.

Country of practice/residence: Dott. Ing. Paolo Stucovitz Italy

City: Milano

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Mr. Kazuaki Takami

Mr. Kazuaki

Firm : Takewa International Patent Office

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Kazuaki Takami Japan

City: Tokyo


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Mr. Ivan Ahlert

Mr. Ivan

Firm : Dannemann, Siemsen, Bigler & Ipanema Moreira

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Ivan Bacellar Ahlert Brazil

City: Rio de Janeiro, RJ

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Mr. Julian Crump

Mr. Julian

Firm : Abel & Imray

Country of practice/residence: Julian Crump United Kingdom

City: Bath

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Mr. Marc Chauchard

Mr. Marc

Firm : Treasurer General & FICPI Emeritus Member

Country of practice:

Country/Region of residence:

City: Le Chesnay - Rocquencourt

Member Since : EM = 01/01/2019

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Dott. Roberto Pistolesi

Dott. Roberto

Firm : Dragotti & Associati S.R.L.

Country of practice/residence: Roberto Pistolesi Italy

City: Milano

Member Since : 02/03/2004

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Dipl.-Phys. (Univ.) Jürgen Schmidtchen

Dipl.-Phys. (Univ.) Jürgen

Firms : Kramer Barske Schmidtchen / Patentanwälte PartG mbB

Country of practice/residence: Dipl.-Phys. (Univ.) Jürgen Christian Schmidtchen Germany

City: München

Member Since : 9/16/1996

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Ms. Elia Sugrañes Coca

Ms. Elia
 Sugrañes Coca

Firm : Sugrañes S.L.

Country of practice/residence: Ms. Elia Sugrañes Coca Spain

City: Barcelona

Member Since : 24/06/2004

President of the Study & Work Commission (CET)

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Ms. Coleen Morrison

Ms. Coleen

Firm : PCKIP (Perry Currier)

Country of practice/residence: Ms. Coleen Morrison Canada

City: Toronto

President of the Communications Commission

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Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Dr.-Ing. Alexander Wyrwoll

Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Alexander

Firms : Winter, Brandl, Fürniß, Hübner, Röß, / Kaiser, Polte - Partnerschaft mbB,

Country of practice/residence: Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Dr.-Ing. Alexander Wyrwoll Germany

City: München

Member Since : 5/12/2005

President of the Membership Commission

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Mr. Barry W. Graham

Mr. Barry W.

Firm : Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Barry W. Graham USA

City: Washington

Member Since : +/-1988



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