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FICPI, The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys

Executive Committee

FICPI is administered by the Executive Committee (EXCO) which is composed of delegates of the national IP associations and national sections that are members of FICPI.  Each association and section sends one delegate and one substitute delegate to meetings of the EXCO and has one vote, regardless of the size of the association or section.  The EXCO meets at least once a year and transacts the business of the federation.

EXCO meetings are held at different locations around the world at the invitation of the local IP association or national section.  Recent EXCO meetings have been held in Argentina, Australia, Chile, Germany, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain and the USA, indicating the global character of FICPI.

The EXCO reviews and approves the activities of the Bureau since the last EXCO meeting and hears reports from the national sections and associations, from the Advisory Council and from the commissions.  Once a year, the EXCO approves the budget and accounts of FICPI and sets the membership fees for the coming year.  WIPO and FICPI’s sister organisations are invited to report on their latest activities so that FICPI’s members are kept up to date.

The EXCO reviews and approves recommendations for new members by the Admission Commission, including applications for admission by new sections and associations, and by certain national sections that have been given the power to recommend new members directly to the EXCO.

Issues of importance to the IP profession in private practice are debated by the EXCO to decide FICPI policy, which is expressed in the form of position papers and resolutions.  Copies of all FICPI papers and resolutions are available in the Library section of this website.  During the EXCO meeting, smaller break-out workshops are held.

Country Delegate Alternate Delegate
Andean States Ms. Ximena Castellanos Ms. Maria Rosa Fabara-Vera
Argentina Mr. Iván Poli Mr. Alberto L.R. Berton Moreno
Australia Mr. Stephen G. Krouzecky Mr. William G. (Bill) McFarlane
Austria Mag. Dr. Daniel Alge DI Harald Nemec
Brazil Mr. Eduardo Colonna Rosman Ms. Maria Moura Malburg
Canada Ms. Coleen Morrison Mr. Louis-Pierre Gravelle
Chile Mr. Bernardo Serrano Mr. Andrés Melossi
China Mr. Jiancheng Jiang Mr. Rongmin Zhao
Czech Republic Mr. Josef Plicka Mr. Petr Jecmen
Denmark Mr. Holm Schwarze Mr. Thomas Sundien
Finland Mr. Ossi Huhtanen Ms. Anu Keinänen
France Mr. Eric Le Forestier Mr. Didier Intès
Germany Dipl.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Laufhütte Dipl.-Phys. Markus Hössle
Greece Mr. Constantinos Kilimiris Ms. Eleni Kokkini
Hungary Dr. Éva Somfai
India Mr. Swarup Kumar Ms. Archana Shanker
Ireland Mr. David Brophy Mr. Denis A. McCarthy
Israel Ms. Ena Pugatsch Ms. Cila Vered Hess-Milutin
Italy Dott. Ing. Paolo Stucovitz Dott. Ing. Carlo Luigi Iannone
Japan Mr. Yuzuru Okabe Mr. Kenji Sugimura
Korea, Republic of Mr. Kyu Pal Choi Mr. Jordan Y. Kim
Malaysia Mr. Benjamin J. Thompson Mr. Timothy Siaw
Mexico Mr. Mariano Soní Mr. Javier Uhthoff-Orive
Netherlands Mr. Hendrik Jan A. Brookhuis Mr. Leo J.J. Jessen
New Zealand Mr. James William Piper Mr. Chris Way
Norway Ms. Liv-Heidi Thoresen Ms. Anne Wildeng
Poland * Mr. Marek Lazewski Mr. Rafal Witek
Portugal Eng° João Pereira Da Cruz Dr. João Carlos Santana Jorge
Romania Dipl.-Phys. Margareta Oproiu Ms. Raluca Vasilescu
Russian Federation Mr. Valery Medvedev Mr. Alexander Christophoroff
Singapore Ms. Pei Lin Low Mr. Alban Choon Hwee Kang
South Africa Mr. Rowan Joseph Ms. Claudia Berndt
Spain Mr. Antonio Tavira Mr. Luis-Alfonso Duran Moya
Sweden Mr. Lars Thyresson Ms. Louise Jonshammar
Switzerland Mr. Dany Vogel Mr. Christoph Müller
Turkey Ms. Selin Sinem Erciyas Mr. Mehmet Nazil Aydin Deriş
United Kingdom Mr. Simon Rees Mr. Alastair William Neill
USA Mr. Douglas T. Johnson Mr. Robert S. Katz

* Provisional National Section

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