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Ms. Meng Yu

Ms. Meng

Firm : Insight IP

Country of practice/residence: Ms. Meng Yu China

City: Beijing

Member Since : 06/04/2009

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Mr. Shegao (Scott) Zhang

Mr. Shegao (Scott)

Firm : Beijing DeHeng Intellectual Property Law, LLC

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Shegao (Scott) Zhang China

City: Beijing

Member Since : 02/10/2006

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Ms. Rita Zhang

Ms. Rita

Firm : Dragon Intellectual Property Law Firm

Country of practice/residence: Ms. Rong (Rita) Zhang China

City: Beijing

Member Since : 29/03/2019

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Mr. Ray Zhao

Mr. Ray

Firm : Unitalen Attorneys at Law

Country of practice: China China

Country/Region of residence:

City: Beijing

Member Since : 10/04/2018

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Mr. Robin Zhao

Mr. Robin

Firm : Jeekai & Partners

Country of practice/residence: Mr. Rongmin Zhao China

City: Beijing

Member Since : 02/03/2009

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Ms. Xiaoyue (Shelley) Zheng

Ms. Xiaoyue (Shelley)

Firm : Advance China IP Law Office (Beijing)

Country of practice/residence: Ms. Xiaoyue (Shelley) Zheng China

City: Beijing

Member Since : 03/11/2007

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Ms. Julia Zhong

Ms. Julia

Firm : Lee and Li - Leaven IPR Agency Ltd.

Country of practice/residence: Ms. Hongbo (Julia) Zhong China

City: Beijing

Member Since : 04/11/2013

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