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Cape Town
South Africa

12 Apr 2015


Event Title World Congress - Cape Town 2015
Session: Day 1
Plenary 1. Adapt to Advance: IP in the future business landscape. The IP attorney as a critical business asset?
Moderator(s): Bastiaan Koster (Moderator)
Author Document File
Craig Opperman
Plenary 2. Users of the IP system
Author Document File
Madelein Kleyn (Moderator)
Andrew Bailey
Morne Barradas
Rocco Fiato
Breakout 3.1 Pharmaceutical Patent Issues
Author Document File
Roberto Pistolesi (Moderator)
Fiona Bor
Jürgen Dressel
Justice Louis Harms
Ellen ‘t Hoen
Breakout 3.2 Trademarks
Moderator(s): Mireia Curell Aguilà , Ian Isdale , Jef Vanderkerckhove
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Coleen Morrison (Moderator)
Breakout 4.1 Managing your assets in the software space
Moderator(s): Timothy May , Krishna Pathiyal , James Ward
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Brett Slaney (Moderator)
Breakout 4.2 Design Protection
Moderator(s): Damian Porcari , Axel Tillmann
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Robert S. Katz (Moderator)
Session: Day 2
Plenary 5. IP5 Initiatives and the Global Dossier
Moderator(s): Bastiaan Koster (Moderator)
Author Document File
Benoît Battistelli
Plenary 6. IP Offices
Moderator(s): CIPC – Astrid Ludin , EPO – Raimund Lutz , IP Australia – Fatima Beattie , INPI – Yves Lapierre , JPO – Dr Shunichi Doi , OHIM – João Negrão , USPTO – Russell Slifer , WIPO – John B. Sandage
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R. Danny Huntington (Moderator)
Plenary 7. IP Treaties and Harmonisation – Economic Friend or Foe?
Moderator(s): Markus Hössle , Matthias Lamping , James Pooley
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Julian Crump (Moderator)
Breakout 8.1 Management Boot Camp
Moderator(s): Ivan Bacellar Ahlert , Jérôme Collin , Stephen Krouzecky , Alain Leclerc , Michael Liebetanz , Gloria Q. Wu
Author Document File
Patrick Erk (Moderator)
Breakout 8.2 IP Infringement
Moderator(s): Daniel Alge , Lena Shen , Larry Welch
Author Document File
J. Alan Aucoin (Moderator)
Plenary 9. The IP Profession: Where will we be in 20 years?
Moderator(s): Greg Chambers , Huw Hallybone , Markus Hössle , Didier Intès , Essenese Obhan
Author Document File
John Orange


Code Name Title Download
EXCO/ZA15/RES/001 Follow on Patents in the Pharmaceutical Area
EXCO/ZA15/RES/002 Information Disclosure Requirements from Patent Offices
EXCO/ZA15/RES/003 Office Cooperation and User Input
EXCO/ZA15/RES/004 Urgent need for legislation for Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) for Unitary Patents (UP
EXCO/ZA15/RES/005 Patent Figures in Colour