Join the FICPI Training & Education Committee!
03 Aug 2022
The need for training in the matter of IP, especially in the patents field, is more and more acute, at all levels (from all...
Join the FICPI Webinar Committee!
Posted by Sharon Crane
28 Jul 2022
We are planning a new and exciting webinar series for 2023, following the success of our FICPI Focus 45 webinar and podcast series. We are...
FICPI attends 63rd Series of Meetings of the WIPO Assemblies in July 2022
Posted by Kim Finnilä
21 Jul 2022
The 63rd Series of Meetings of the WIPO Assemblies took place in Geneva from 14 to 22 July 2022. FICPI joined the meeting from Monday 18th July to...
FICPI Guidelines for Engagement Letters now available
Posted by Anne Lévy
15 Jul 2022
FICPI's Practice Management Committee (also known as the Professional Excellence Committee or PEC), focuses on how intellectual property attorneys conduct business as IP firms and seeks to provide...
WIPO-FICPI international patent drafting course launches today
04 Jul 2022
Phase II of the WIPO international patent drafting course starts today (4 July 2022)  in Geneva.  FICPI, the Federation of International Intellectual Property Attorneys, has been instrumental in...
FICPI Türkiye webinar: post-grant Opposition Procedures at the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office
Posted by Burcu Sucuka
23 Jun 2022
FICPI Turkey shed light on Turkish Patent and Trademark Office's post-grant opposition processes with the training that was held on April 6, 2022. Burcu Sucuka,...