Amending a patent prior to or during litigation
Posted by Jill Browning
07 Sep 2023
An insight into the FICPI Open Forum session "Amending your patent – can it be done prior to or during litigation?" and speakers....
EUIPO User Associations' 2024 training and learning needs survey
Posted by Robert Watson
14 Aug 2023
The EUIPO provides a considerable amount of learning material on their website learning corner: In order for them to assess how this is perceived by...
Facing SEP and FRAND negotiations in the real-world
Posted by Sharon Crane
01 Aug 2023
At the FICPI Open Forum 2023 hear a session essential for all those with an interest in FRAND and SEP...
Brazilian attorney wins FICPI Under 40s contest, 2023
26 Jul 2023
I am delighted to share the news that Tarso Machado, a 34-year-old partner in the firm Kasznar Leonardos IP in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,...
PMC // Rich new content available on FICPI website PMC pages
Posted by Anne Lévy
21 Jul 2023
In the past few weeks, a thoughtful and stimulating array of new content on the most talked about IP topics has been added by...
FICPI attends 64th Series of Meetings of the WIPO Assemblies in July 2023
Posted by Kim Finnilä
17 Jul 2023
FICPI participated in the 64th “WIPO General Assemblies” on 6-14 July 2023 focusing on the WIPO Committees and International Normative Framework and the so-called...