FICPI has members in virtually all EU countries.  The European Members Commission of FICPI (EUCOF) was established to facilitate relations with the European Commission and other pan-European organisations interested in intellectual property (e.g., the European Parliament). It has created a pan-European network of FICPI delegates and other representatives (in member states where there is no FICPI association or section at present) to faciliate rapid collection of relevant information to inform FICPI's views.

EUCOF also offers support to FICPI members in “smaller” European countries where the profession faces particular challenges, especially following the introduction of the London Agreement.

The president of EUCOF is elected by the Executive Committee, and its members are chosen by its president after consultation with the Bureau.

Name Company Country Contact
Mag. Dr. Daniel Alge
SONN IP Attorneys
Appointed Vice President (for Trade Marks)
Name Company Country Contact
Ms. Eleni Kokkini
PPT Legal
Appointed Vice President (for EU designs, patents, Brexit)
Name Company Country Contact
Dott. Ing. Antonio Pizzoli
Notarbartolo & Gervasi S.p.A.