The "CET" is FICPI’s Study & Work Committee (Commission d'Etude et Travail).  The largest of FICPI's committees with more than 200 members active in one or more of 7 specialised groups.

Using highly effective working methods, the CET is able to produce high quality, detailed opinions, often at very short notice.

The CET President, Vice President, Reporter General and Assistant Reporter General are responsible for managing the CET. 

Each of the 7 sub-groups has a Chair and Reporter. The groups deal with:

  • Trade marks
  • Designs
  • International patent matters
  • European and other regional patent matters,
  • Tech-related patent issues
  • Pharma and biotech patents
  • Litigation and enforcement

The Chair and members of the sub-groups are chosen by the CET, after consulting the Bureau and the Council for opinions, from lists of candidates including members of the national associations or national sections and, in suitable cases, individual members. By proposing members of the groups, the member national sections and associations are able to influence FICPI policy.

Members of the Bureau and the presidents of PMC, EUCOF, TEC and the Communications Committee are ex officio members of the CET.


The largest commission is the CET, the Study & Work Committee, whose acronym derives from the French name “Commission d’Étude et de Travail“.

The CET comprises a number of specialised commissions dealing with trade mark matters, industrial designs and copyright, international patent questions, European, EU and other regional patent systems, patent issues arising in specialist subject matter areas such as computer-implemented inventions and biotechnology, IP litigation and IP issues in the Asian region.

More than 200 FICPI members from across the globe dedicate a great deal of their time to  CET matters.


CET Executive
Name Company National Group Contact
Robert Watson
Mewburn Ellis LLP
Vice President
Name Company National Group Contact
Rob Katz
Banner & Witcoff, Ltd.
Eleni Kokkini
PPT Legal
CET Special Reporter (ICANN)
Name Company National Group Contact
Petter Rindforth
Fenix Legal KB
CET Special Reporter (SPLH)
Name Company National Group Contact
Jérôme Collin
CET Special Reporter (Trade Marks and Designs)
Name Company National Group Contact
Toni Ashton
Reporter General
Name Company National Group Contact
Kim Finnilä
Assistant Reporter General
Name Company National Group Contact
Richa Pandey
Krishna & Saurastri
Ex Officio Members
Name Company National Group Contact
Daniel Alge
Sonn & Partner Patentanwälte
Uwe Borchert
Puschmann Borchert Kaiser Klettner Patentanwälte Partnerschaft mbB
Michael Caine
Davies Collison Cave
Sharon Crane
Rothwell, Figg, Ernst & Manbeck, P.C.
Julian Crump
Abel + Imray
Swarup Kumar
Remfry & Sagar Attorneys at Law
Anne Lévy
Cabinet Brandon IP
Roberto Pistolesi
Dragotti & Associati S.R.L.
Elia Sugrañes
Sugrañes S.L.P.