The members of the Association of Finnish Patent Attorneys engage in professional activity in a patent agency in the field of immaterial rights, especially industrial property rights. Industrial property rights are protective rights, comprising particularly patents, utility models, designs, protection of integrated circuits and trademarks.

The purposes of the Association of Finnish Patent Attorneys are:

  • maintaining honest and professional agents' activities,
  • acting so as to enable its members to attend to their clients' interests and to carry on their profession while cherishing good agents' ethics,
  • safeguarding the general professional interests of its membership,
  • fostering and encouraging a sound development of immaterial rights
  • encouraging good cooperation between patent agencies and authorities,
  • maintaining solidarity within its membership.

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The Association of Finnish Patent Attorneys SPAY

c/o Papula-Nevinpat
POB 981
FI-00101 Helsinki
Email: [email protected]

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ExCo Delegate: Mr. Ossi Huhtanen
ExCo Alternate Delegate: Ms. Sini-Maaria Mikkilä