Since the late 1970s, outgoing Presidents of FICPI have, by tradition, been elected as Presidents of Honour by the Executive Committee.

Managing FICPI for a period of 3-year term of office is a huge committment, and FICPI is grateful to all of them for their time and service. Each of them left their mark on FICPI, reflecting their unique skills and vision.

Name Company Name Country
Mr. Julian Crump Abel + Imray
United Kingdom

President of FICPI 2018-2022

Julian Crump
Mr. Douglas N. Deeth Deeth Williams Wall

President of FICPI 2015-2018

douglas n deeth
Mr. Bastiaan Koster Von Seidels
South Africa

President of FICPI 2012-2015

bastiaan koster
Mr. Peter Huntsman  

President of FICPI 2009-2012

Mr. R. Danny Huntington Rothwell, Figg, Ernst & Manbeck, P.C.
United States

President of FICPI 2006-2009

Mr. François Héritier  

Elected President of Honour 2006 for extraordinary services to FICPI. 

Mr. Francis Ahner  

President of FICPI 2003-2006

Mr. Malcolm Royal  

President of FICPI for 2000-2003.

Mr. John Orange  

President of FICPI 1997-2000

Mr. Knud Raffnsøe  

President of FICPI 1994-1997

DI Helmut Sonn Sonn IP

President of FICPI 1991-1994

Mr. Alberto De Elzaburu  

President of FICPI 1975-1978