FICPI, The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys


Membership in FICPI is restricted to qualified and experienced IP professionals whose peers can confirm their qualifications and support their application for membership.

An IP practitioner is one specialised in IP matters, with the right to represent a party before the authority responsible for granting an IP right, and who has passed any required qualification examination for that country, if there is one.

Applications for membership of FICPI by candidates in a country where there is a National Association or National Section should be made though that association.

Candidates for FICPI membership unable to join an established national group are approved for membership by the Executive Committee, after existing FICPI members have had an opportunity to comment on the candidate’s suitability.

In countries that do not have an organised group such as a FICPI National Association or National Section, new members are admitted on an individual basis.  We invite those prospective members to complete the Membership Enquiry Form.



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