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CET 5 // Enhancing access to patent information to facilitate global health innovation

Posted by Rowan Joseph
Rowan Joseph, CET 5 reporter, gives his thoughts on Session 33 of the Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (“The Committee”) which took place from 6 to 9 December 2021
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CET Group 5 is dedicated to following, reporting and providing substantive comments and opinions on emerging issues relating to the patenting and regulatory affairs in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical fields. 

In addition, CET 5 is closely following developments related to genetic resources and developing requirements for notice on their country of origin.  Prominent issues CET 5 addresses regarding patenting in these technological fields include subject matter eligibility, and in particular, the patentability of chemical/biological inventions developed using machines, computer implementation and/or artificial intelligence.  CET 5 supports FICPI in its mission to be an international leader promoting patent protection in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical arts.