In countries and regions where there is no national IP association that has joined FICPI and no national FICPI section, membership is individual.

There are significant advantages in belonging to a national section, including EXCO representation, the opportunity to appoint members of the CET and reduced membership fees.  The Contact Commission works to develop new national sections in countries and regions where there is none.

The EXCO has approved a plan to establish and develop new sections in selected countries and regions where there are sufficient members.  Under this plan, the membership fees for individual members in a country are reduced to the same level as in a national section with ten members for a period of three years, and at the end of that time it is expected that a new section for that country will be admitted.  The members in the country concerned sign a memorandum of understanding with the Bureau to agree to work diligently to expand the membership of FICPI in their country and to establish a new section there.

If you would like more information about this plan and how it might be implemented in your country, please contact: [email protected].

Here are the countries and regions represented by individual members: