FICPI, The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys

14th Open Forum, Sorrento 2013

Sorrento, Italy - 2 - 5 October 2013

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Working Programme — Day One

Session Number Session Name Presenter Name Presentation
1 Plenary – Designing and Maintaining a Profitable Firm that will have a Future Moderator: Dr. Francesco Paolo Vatti (IT)
David Bannerman (GB)
Dr. Patrick Erk (DE)
John Orange (CA)
2.1 Unity and Restriction Requirements in Different Jurisdictions Moderator: Jan Modin (SE)
Steve Beyer (US)
Hiroaki Murase (JP)
Robert Stoll (US)
Dr. Alexander Wyrwoll (DE)
2.2 Are Goods and Services Specifications Inflation Proof? Moderator: James Fish (GB)
Ho-Hyun Nahm (KR)
Susan Weller (US)
2.3 Communications Between Offices of Associate Firms Moderator: Iván Poli (AR)
Alan Kasper (US)
Arild Tofting (NO)
Workshop 3.1.1 Patent Workshop – The UPC and its Rules of Procedure Nassim Kiani (FR)
Dr. Harald Springorum (DE)
Workshop 3.1.2 Patent Workshop – Update on Computer Related Patent Issues Richard Gilly (US)
Workshop 3.1.3 Patent Workshop – Non-Pooled and Non-FRANDED Standard Essential Patents Dr. Alexander Esslinger (DE)
Workshop 3.1.4 Trade Mark Workshop – What’s New in the EU? Luis-Alfonso Durán Moya (ES)
3.3 What do large clients and in-house advisors expect from an IP attorney by way of strategic advice Moderator: Huw Hallybone (GB)
Dr. Bobby Mukherjee (GB) (IP Federation, BAE Systems)
Tony Tangena (NL) (epi)
4.1 Protecting Inventions Quickly Moderator: Antonio Pizzoli (IT)
David Cheng (CN)
Markus Hössle (DE)
John Knox (CA)
4.2 International Developments in Designs Law Moderator: Jon Heggstad (NO)
Grégoire Bisson (WIPO)
Dr. Henning Hartwig (DE)
Robert Katz (US)
4.3 Internal Audit Committees – Quality Control in a Fast-Moving Environment Moderator: Peter Huntsman (AU)
Iván Ahlert (BR)
Alain Leclerc (CA)


Working Programme — Day Two

Session Number Session Name Presenter Name Presentation
5.1 Enablement/Disclosure Across the Scope of the Claims - What Does it Mean? Moderator: Eric le Forestier (FR)
Judge Peter Meier-Beck (DE)
Chief Judge Randall Rader (US)
Greg Chambers (AU)
Leo Jessen (NL)
Yoshikazu Tani (JP)
5.2 Mock Trial – Necessary Geographic Extent of Use and Use of a Translation of a Mark Moderator: Toni Ashton (CA)
Daniel Alge (AT)
Susie Arnesen (DK)
Naresh Kilaru (US)
Lena Shen (CN)
6.1 Cross-border patent infringement litigation in the EU - Revival via Interim Injunctions Moderator: Jürgen Schmidtchen (DE)
Richard Ebbink (NL)
Ian Kirby (GB)
6.2 Social Media – When Legal Risks Go Viral Moderator: Elia Sugrañes (ES)
Gabriel Leonardos (BR)
Ana de Sampaio (PT)
Petter Rindforth (SE)
6.3 The Internet as a practice development tool Moderator: R. Danny Huntington (US)
Marc Chinoy (US)
Doug Deeth (CA)
7.1 Extending the Monopoly Moderator: Robert Watson (GB)
Dr. Christopher Brückner (DE)
Michael Caine (AU)
Tom Irving (US)
Dr. Roberto Pistolesi (IT)
7.2 Lost and Found – Reclaiming Trade Mark Rights Moderator: Coleen Morrison (CA)
Hiromichi Aoki (JP)
Aurélia Marie (FR)
John Pickerill (US)
7.3 Multiple Locations: development opportunity or source of headache? Moderator: Didier Intès (FR)
Keith Hodkinson (GB)
Jan Nilsson (SE)
Dr. Marie-Hélène Rochon (CA)



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