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FICPI, The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys

Deontology Commission

The Deontology Commission is charged with studying deontological questions and, when it is consulted by the Bureau concerning a possible violation of the statutes, rules, code of professional conduct, or decisions of the federation, with instituting an enquiry and proposing the procedure to be followed and the action to be taken.

It is composed of a president elected or re-elected for three years and of nine members elected for nine years, one third of whom are elected every three years.


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Mr. David Merrylees

Country/Region of residence: Brazil Brazil

Telephone : +55-21-2237 8700

Firm Email : davidmerrylees@gmail.com

Mr. David


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Mr. Philip Coyle

Country/Region of residence: Ireland Ireland

Telephone : +353-1-231 4848

Firm Email : p.coyle@frkelly.ie

Mr. Philip
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Mr. Gregory Chambers

Country/Region of residence: Australia Australia

Telephone : +61-3-9614 1944

Firm Email : greg.chambers@pof.com.au

Mr. Gregory
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Mr. Peter Huntsman

Country/Region of residence: Australia Australia

Telephone : +61-3-8459 7624

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Mr. Bastiaan Koster

Country/Region of residence: South Africa South Africa

Telephone : +27-21-526 2800

Firm Email : bkoster@vonseidels.com

Mr. Bastiaan
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Dipl.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Laufhütte

Country/Region of residence: Germany Germany

Telephone : 211-30 20 20 0

Firm Email : info@lsg.eu

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Mr. Simon Rees

Country/Region of residence: United Kingdom United Kingdom

Telephone : +44 117-910 3200

Firm Email : srees@hlk-ip.com

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Ms. Paula Sailas

Country/Region of residence: Finland Finland

Telephone : +358-10-227 2228

Firm Email : Paula.Sailas@berggren.fi

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Mr. Yoshikazu Tani

Country/Region of residence: Japan Japan

Telephone : +81-3-3589 1201

Firm Email : y_tani@taniabe.co.jp

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Mr. Arild Tofting

Country/Region of residence: Norway Norway

Telephone : +47-22-95-74 45

Firm Email : at@protector.eu

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