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FICPI, The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys

Membership Commission

The Membership Commission was established as part of the implementation of FICPI’s strategic plan and has an advisory role, being charged with studying how to increase the membership of the federation amongst eligible IP attorneys.

It reviews the quality of the services that the FICPI provides to its members and makes recommendations on how to increase participation by members in events organised by the federation.

It also makes recommendations on how to increase professional cooperation and the sharing of information between FICPI members.

The president of the Membership Commission is elected by the Executive Committee, and the presidents of the Contact and Admissions Commissions are ex officio members. Its other members are chosen by its president after consultation with the Bureau.

In 2018 the responibilities of the Contact Commission wefe assumed by the Membership Commission for the 2018 - 2021 term.


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Mr. Barry Graham

Country/Region of residence: USA USA

Telephone : +1-202-408 4017

Firm Email :

Mr. Barry


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Mr. Charles Berman

Country/Region of residence: Australia Australia

Telephone : +61-2-8231 1000

Firm Email :

Mr. Charles
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Ms. Ximena Castellanos

Country/Region of residence: Andean States Andean States

Telephone : +57-1-756 0770

Firm Email :

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Mr. Douglas Deeth

Country/Region of residence: Canada Canada

Telephone : +1-416-941 9442

Firm Email :

Mr. Douglas
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Mr. Tarun Gandhi

Country/Region of residence: India India

Telephone : +91-11-4151 3030

Firm Email :

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Dipl.-Phys. Markus Hössle

Country/Region of residence: Germany Germany

Telephone : +49-711-25 25 29 60

Firm Email :

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Mr. Mariano Soní

Country/Region of residence: Mexico Mexico

Telephone : +52-55-2167 3252

Firm Email :

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Mr. William Yang

Country/Region of residence: China China

Telephone : +86-10-8525 3778

Firm Email :

ex officio member, Admission Commission President

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Mr. Hendrik Jan Brookhuis

Country/Region of residence: Netherlands Netherlands

Telephone : +31-70-414 5454

Firm Email :

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