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FICPI, The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys

Strategic Planning Commission

FICPI's Strategic Plan was developed during the 2015-18 term by the Bureau, starting with a planning meeting in January 2016 in Garmisch, Germany and concluding with a full-day session of the Executive Committee in Hangzhou, China in March 2017.  In Hangzhou, the EXCO identified a series of strategic Goals and Objectives for FICPI which it adopted at its next meeting in Toronto in June 2018 on the occasion of the FICPI World Congress.  

The Goals and Objectives naturally group together and together form the basis for the following over-arching Vision:

The Leadership of FICPI will make every effort to assure a prominent and valued role for the independent IP professional within national and international IP systems by strengthening FICPI’s representation of the free profession and by advocating the value of the IP professional within such IP systems.

Through planned interaction, FICPI will also take steps to raise the standards of the IP profession around the world, emphasising the fundamental importance of ethical professional behaviour.

Additionally, the leadership of FICPI will work together to strengthen ties between members of the IP profession in different countries, significantly enhancing FICPI’s value as a networking platform.

With a growing membership in all countries and regions, particularly amongst young professionals, FICPI will support its members by providing timely and relevant information, training and other resources on both business development and legal issues.

Joint Coordinators

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Mr. Ivan Ahlert

Country/Region of residence: Brazil Brazil

Telephone : +55-21-2237 8700

Firm Email : ahlert@dannemann.com.br

Mr. Ivan
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Mr. Julian Crump

Country/Region of residence: United Kingdom United Kingdom

Telephone : +44-1225 469914

Firm Email : julian.crump@abelimray.com

Mr. Julian


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Mr. Douglas Deeth

Country/Region of residence: Canada Canada

Telephone : +1-416-941 9442

Firm Email : ddeeth@dww.com

Mr. Douglas
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Mr. Gabriel Di Blasi

Country/Region of residence: Brazil Brazil

Telephone : +55-21-3981 0080

Firm Email : gabriel.diblasi@diblasi.com.br

Mr. Gabriel
 Di Blasi
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Dipl.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. Patrick Erk

Country/Region of residence: Germany Germany

Telephone : +49-30-305 10 29

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Mr. Didier Intès

Country/Region of residence: France France

Telephone : +33-1-4418 8900

Firm Email : dintes@bdl-ip.com

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Mr. Richard Goldstein

Country/Region of residence: USA USA

Telephone : +1-212-500-1845

View Profile »

Mr. Barry Graham

Country/Region of residence: USA USA

Telephone : +1-202-408 4017

Firm Email : barry.graham@finnegan.com

Mr. Barry
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Mr. Katsumori Iseki

Country/Region of residence: Japan Japan

Telephone : +81-6-6136 6951

Firm Email : iseki@cpjapan.com

Mr. Katsumori
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Ms. Eleni Kokkini

Country/Region of residence: Greece Greece

Telephone : +30-21-0720 6900

Firm Email : ek@pptlegal.gr

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Mr. Swarup Kumar

Country/Region of residence: India India

Telephone : +91-124-280 6100

Firm Email : remfry-sagar@remfry.com

Mr. Swarup
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Ms. Elena Miller

Country/Region of residence: Bulgaria Bulgaria

Telephone : +359-2-986 2974

Firm Email : eb@ptmbojinov.com

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Ms. Coleen Morrison

Country/Region of residence: Canada Canada

Firm Email : cmorrison@perlaw.ca

Ms. Coleen
View Profile »

Mr. Robert Storey

Country/Region of residence: Canada Canada

Telephone : +1-514-871 2930

Firm Email : rstorey@bereskinparr.com

Mr. Robert
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Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Dr.-Ing. Alexander Wyrwoll

Country/Region of residence: Germany Germany

Telephone : +49-89-54 30 16 26

Firm Email : AWyrwoll@wbetal.de

Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Alexander

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