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FICPI World Congress 2022 // Managing mental health issues in an IP firm in 2022 and beyond

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Issues associated with personal health and wellness continue to rise, reaching critical levels, with mental health particularly impacted. The global pandemic and an increase in remote working are contributing to these challenges. Attorneys and staff in IP firms are not exempt.

In this session we will address how to recognise signs of depression, addiction, anxiety and other mental health issues. Speakers will discuss how firms can disseminate information so that staff can identify these issues in colleagues and how they can address a situation when it appears that a worker may be experiencing health issues. Tips for helping firms ensure partners and staff stay
physically and mentally well will be covered.

The speakers will also discuss other important questions including:

  • Does a firm need a formal policy on health and wellness issues or can it address them on a case-by-case basis?
  • Should issues or policies around health and wellness be different for staff and professionals/attorneys?
  • How can a firm balance issues around health and wellness with employees’ rights to privacy?

Panellists for this session include a mental health professional as well as leading members of US and UK IP firms.

Why watch? At the end of this session delegates will have a better appreciation of the steps their firm could and should take to help partners and staff to improve their personal physical and mental wellness and build resilience for the future.

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