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FICPI World Congress 2022 // Social awareness and brands

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While the concept of quality underpins trade mark laws, today’s consumers look beyond the quality of the goods or services and question how a brand is associated with characteristics such as sustainability, equitability, racial justice and gender equality. Buyers, especially younger ones, increasingly expect companies to take a social, political, environmental, sustainable or economic stance that reflects their own values. Research also suggests the majority of people no longer believe it is acceptable for companies to stay silent on social justice issues.

Successful, purpose-driven brands achieve greater market share and profitability, enhance sales and increase referrals, while cementing brand loyalty from consumers. There is also a positive effect on employees of companies with strong purpose-driven brands.

Our speakers will consider:

  • Brand activism success stories and some failures.
  • The dangers of inauthenticity.
  • Trade marks considered culturally (or otherwise) offensive and what to do about them.
  • How a reputation associated with brand activism can impact a trade mark portfolio.
  • Analysis of the traditional definition of trade mark use and how it fits with goodwill allied, not to quality, but to factors like support for social justice.
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