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FICPI World Congress 2022 // The Unified Patent Court

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Work on a “European patent” began in 1949: the Council of Europe found the plan to be impracticable. The European Patent Convention (EPC) entered into force in 1977, but the Community Patent Convention failed; as did its “revival” in 1989, the Community Patent Regulation, and the European Patent Litigation Agreement in the 2000s.

Early plans for a Unified Patent Court (UPC) were rejected by the CJEU, but a “unitary package” was eagerly pursued under “coopération renforcée”: the UPC Agreement and the EU Regulations on the European Patent with Unitary Effect (EPUP) were signed in 2012/2013.

Following entry into force of the Protocol on Provisional Application of the UPC Agreement on 18 January 2022, the road leading to the UPC and the EPUP seems finally clear. The UPC is expected to open in late 2022/early 2023: the European Patent Office (EPO) will then be entitled to grant European patents with “Unitary Effect.”

The panel will discuss:

  • Will this be the dawn of a new and spectacular era in the European patent world?
  • Will the system be popular?
  • How should we advise our clients?
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