Mr. Patrick Lloyd

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United Kingdom
About me

Patrick Lloyd handles patents in the electrical and electronics fields, as well as trade marks.

Patrick has over 30 years’ experience in advising clients about patents and trade marks. He joined Reddie & Grose in 1987 after a short spell with another firm and become a partner in 1990.

Patrick’s clients include a broad range of international companies and universities based in the UK and Europe, the USA and Japan. His specialities include assisting clients with invention spotting, drafting new applications, devising patent filing strategies for protection around the world, preparing infringement and validity opinions, and advising on competitor activities. He also handles trade mark matters, particularly in the financial sector.

A high point of Patrick’s career includes participation in a series of international client meetings, scheduled with the aim of developing a client’s patent portfolio and maximising enforcement and licensing opportunities. The experience continues to inform his day to day practice.

Patrick has spoken on patent and trade mark issues at numerous conferences and meetings around the world, and is a regular speaker on topics such as the protection of software and business method related inventions. He sits on the UK Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys Computer Implemented Inventions Committee.

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Roles in FICPI

  • CET 6 Software, High-Tech, and Computer Related Issues

    CET Group 6 focuses on IP issues facing innovators in software, high-tech and other computer-related fields.  Group 6 is also responsible for monitoring and staying current with trends related to patent subject matter eligibility issues affecting these technology fields.  Group 6 is the voice and authority within FICPI on issues and trends related to all emerging digital technologies and IP practice-related issues for practitioners representing clients in these technology fields.

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