Francesco Paolo Vatti

About me

​Italian and EU trade mark attorney since 1996

Italian patent attorney since 1998

European patent attorney since 2015
Academic Qualifications

​Degree in industrial chemistry (University of Milan, Italy, 1989) Doctor degree in Industrial chemistry (University of Milan, 1992)

Experience & Qualifications

Technical Specialisms
  • Food technology
  • Industrial chemistry and chemical engineering
  • Chemistry
Professional Experience
  • Patent drafting
  • Patent litigation
  • Patent oppositions
  • Trade mark oppositions
  • IP valuation

FICPI Honour

  • Member of Honour

Roles in FICPI

  • CET 5 Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

    CET Group 5 is dedicated to following, reporting and providing substantive comments and opinions on emerging issues relating to the patenting and regulatory affairs in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical fields. 

    In addition, CET 5 is closely following developments related to genetic resources and developing requirements for notice on their country of origin.  Prominent issues CET 5 addresses regarding patenting in these technological fields include subject matter eligibility, and in particular, the patentability of chemical/biological inventions developed using machines, computer implementation and/or artificial intelligence.  CET 5 supports FICPI in its mission to be an international leader promoting patent protection in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical arts.

  • Member
  • CET 1 Trade Marks

    CET Group 1 deals with all issues that are related with trademarks registration, prosecution, maintenance and protection. The groups field of work includes national trademarks, European trademarks and international trademarks in accordance with the Madrid Agreement and Protocol, with a special focus on the harmonisation of laws at international and national level, as part of FICPI’s efforts to improve the legal position of brand owners and facilitate the work of trademark practitioners.

    In addition, as the group has a high understanding of the interaction of trademarks with other rights and the importance of Internet for trademark owners, they have a special focus on geographical indications and domain names.

    During the present term CET 1 will pay special attention to practical issues that are of concern to trademark practitioners during their day-to-day work.

  • Member