Mr. Justin J. Cassell

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United States
About me

Justin counsels clients on patent procurement, intellectual property due diligence, validity and infringement, strategic international IP protection, post-grant proceedings, and preliminary patent enforcement and defense actions. Clients ranging from the individual inventor to multinational companies, rely on Justin’s extensive experience to help them manage their patent portfolios of U.S. and foreign jurisdictions. He represents clients in a wide range of technologies including materials science, mechanical, electrical, and software technologies, with an emphasis on medical devices and procedures.

With a keen understanding of his clients’ business objectives, Justin evaluates inventions and develops patent procurement strategies to meet such objectives, both domestically and internationally. Justin drafts patent applications, represents his clients before the United States Patent & Trademark Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization, and advises foreign counsel on the examination of such patent applications outside the U.S.

Justin counsels and provides opinions regarding patent matters to address his clients’ needs and to fulfill their business objectives. These opinions advise on intellectual property issues ranging from patentability, due diligence, validity, and infringement. These opinions may lead to negotiation, licensing, acquisition, enforcement, or defense of patents.

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