Report of EUIPO User Group Meeting - Strategic Plan 2025
Posted by Elia Sugrañes
19 Sep 2019
Attended by Elia Sugranes, Deputy Secretary General and Robert Watson, Vice-President CET. Other organisations represented: AIM, AIPPI, APRAM, ASIPI, BIM, Business Europe, CITMA, ECTA, MARQUES,...
CET5 Studies Patent Eligibility of 3D Printed Tissues and Organs
11 Sep 2019
Over the last few years, CET Group 5 (Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals) has conducted an extensive study of the issues surrounding the eligibility for patenting...
An Update From The Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Working Group of FICPI
Posted by Sharon Crane
12 Aug 2019
CET5 (or "Group 5"), the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical working group of FICPI, has active members in Austria, Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Ireland,...
The President's Desk - July 2019
Posted by Julian Crump
21 Jul 2019
What is FICPI? Good question. You would have thought that as president I should be able to answer that one. If you would...
Report on the 30th Session of the SCP
Posted by Kim Finnilä
08 Jul 2019
The 30th Session of the Standing Committee on Patent Law (SCP) was held in Geneva on 24 to 27 June 2019. FICPI attended the...
FICPI Meets With USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board
Posted by Sharon Crane
01 Jul 2019
FICPI President Julian Crump, CET President Coleen Morrison, Presidents of Honour Danny Huntington and Bastiaan Koster, FICPI US Vice President Robert Katz, CET3 Chair...