B+ Sub-Group Meeting
Posted by Kim Finnilä
26 Sep 2018
FICPI was invited to participate at the Group B+ Sub-group meeting and the Group B+ Plenary Session held in Geneva on 1st October 2019....
Subject Matter Eligibility Update - Proposals to Modify 35 USC 101
Posted by Sharon Crane
11 Sep 2018
Intellectual property associations in the US are advancing proposals to amend 35 U.S.C. 101 to address issues arising from recent Supreme Court cases relating...
WIPO's Standing Committee on the Law of Patents discusses various issues on Patent and Health
18 Jul 2018
The Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP) of the World Intellectual Property Organization was created in 1998 and is composed by all...
Changing paradigm of the patent working statement requirements in India
Posted by Swarup Kumar
02 May 2018
The requirement to file an annual statement specifying whether a patented invention has been commercially worked in India or not and if so, to...