Considering affinity bias when developing DEIA initiatives
Posted by Emily Dodgson
16 Feb 2023
Diversity, equality, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) was the topic of Workshop 4 at the FICPI World Congress 2022 in Cannes in September 2022....
EPO Boards of Appeal user consultation until March 2023
Posted by Robert Watson
07 Feb 2023
As foreshadowed when we met the Boards of Appeal of the EPO in October 2022, the Boards of Appeal have launched a consultation of their...
Reengaging with the WIPO IGC for the December 2022 - 45th Session on the protection for TK, TCE and genetic resources
Posted by Rowan Joseph
18 Jan 2023
Continuing from the previous session, FICPI is looking to reengage with the work of this committee as it addresses......
Plausibility: an important gatekeeper or an unrealistic burden?
19 Dec 2022
“Plausibility: an important gatekeeper or an unrealistic burden?” was the topic of Workshop 7 at the FICPI World Congress 2022 in Cannes in September....
Standards-essential patents and emerging technologies
Posted by Brett Slaney
07 Dec 2022
The topic of standards-essential patents (SEPs) was the subject of one of the workshops at FICPI’s World Congress in Cannes in September 2022.   The purpose...
Knock, knock: Who’s there? A discussion of “Straw Person” proceeding
05 Dec 2022
Several jurisdictions permit inter partes proceedings like oppositions and invalidity or expungement suits to be brought by “any person”. This opens the possibility of initiating...