FICPI Italy // Webinar // IP aspects of drugs and vaccines against Covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a global emergency. Thanks to a number of factors, vaccines have been provided in an unusually short time. Patents have played a very important role in vaccine development and have boosted research, stimulating investments.

In spite of this, some states and a number of NGOs deem patents a hindrance to a fair distribution of vaccines around the world, especially in developing countries and are lobbying in favour of a waiver to patent rights.

In this webinar, speakers from different countries will present the point of view of their governments and of the IP profession in their countries.

Join us on Wednesday 26 May for this 2-hour webinar from 16:00-18:00 Central European Time.

Moderator Dr Francesco Paolo Vatti of Fumero in Italy, FICPI Member of Honour and Assistant Treasurer General.


  • Enrico Zanoli of Zanoli & Giavarini in Italy, member of the Collegio Italiano dei Consulenti in Proprietà Industriale
  • André Venturini of Venturini IP in Brazil
  • Rowan Joseph of Von Seidels in South Africa and FICPI Executive Committee Delegate
  • R. Danny Huntington of Rothwell Figg in the USA and FICPI President of Honour
  • Dr Deepa K.Tiku of K & S in India and a member of FICPI's Study & Work Committee Group 5