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Anne Lévy is a French and European trademark & design attorney. She is co-managing partner of Brandon IP (formerly Blétry & Associés), a French boutique firm specializing in IP matters since 1866, now the Brandon Rezac group.

Anne has an extensive background in IP strategy and commercialization. After gaining valuable business and management qualifications in France and the USA, she acquired commercial experience in Europe and US.

In 1991, Anne became involved in the French IP strategy and commercialization firm Brandon Valorisation, where she learned more about intellectual property law and gained experience in IP strategy, IP valuation, patent commercialization and licensing.

Anne gained a Masters in IP law and qualified as a trademark & design attorney and was instrumental in acquiring Brandon IP (Blétry at the time) in 2003, managing and growing the firm to the practice it is now, having expertise in patenting a variety of technologies and a wide and extensive international trademark and design practice.

With Anne’s diverse background and experience, she is not only active in advising clients in filing and pre-litigation and litigation support services but also in building customized development strategies using intellectual property rights and viewing intellectual property as a major asset for her clients to generate revenue.

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Business school x IP law x mediation

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my children!

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  • IP auditing
  • IP counselling
  • IP due diligence
  • Licensing and IP-related agreements
  • Trade mark counselling

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