Mr. Katsumori Iseki

Country/Region of practice
About me

  • Experience in patent practice from 2000 - present He engaged for first 10 years mainly in patent practice relating to acquisition of rights for a global electronics company in Japan. Then, he engaged in overall intellectual property concerns of many overseas companies as well as companies in Japan and accumulated experience, additionally to the experience in the acquisition of rights, in providing support for dispute relating to intellectual property and for technology transfer including technology transfer between industry and academia. He has experience in negotiation and contraction relating to intellectual property, analysis of intellectual property information, and consulting for business strategy and overseas expansion utilizing intellectual property. He gives seminars and participates in official activities in Japan and foreign countries. He has work experience in a U.S. patent law firm.



Experience & Qualifications

Professional Experience
  • Industrial designs and copyright counselling
  • IP counselling
  • Licensing and IP-related agreements
  • Patent oppositions
  • Patent prosecution

Roles in FICPI

  • CET 3 International Patent Matters

    CET Group 3 focuses on developments of the international patent system and provides guidance to its users. Such developments can relate to both substantive and procedural aspects of patent law, and CET3 follows them across jurisdictions.

    CET3 identifies issues that deserve study, conducts the studies and provides guidance through various outputs available to the users of the patent system such as Guidelines, Position papers, and Resolutions. CET3 actively contributes to forging and advocating the position of FICPI in discussions on patent law harmonisation in key study and discussion groups such as the Group B+ and at the forums established by WIPO.

    CET3 also monitors and studies international agreements and conventions relating to patents, follows the developments of the PCT system and, where necessary, provides comments to WIPO and relevant authorities for defending a well-balanced international patent system.

  • Reporter
  • CET 8 Asian Issues

    CET 8, (formerly CET 9 Asian Group), was established in April 2015. It follows and studies the latest development of IP laws and practice in Asian countries and provides up-to-date information and comments. It will also actively attend meetings and communicate with local IP Offices and other authorities in Asia. In addition, CET 8 welcomes enquiries from other groups regarding IP issues in Asian countries and will closely cooperate with other groups on commonly interested topics.

  • Regional Coordinator - Japan