FICPI’s “Connect, Share and Grow” webinar series commenced in September 2020 as an initiative to use digital technology to continue delivering insights to FICPI's global community of IP professionals, while travel and in-person meetings temporarily ceased as a result of the global pandemic.  The webinar series is a joint effort by FICPI’s Study and Work Committee – (known by its French acronym, CET) and FICPI's Professional Excellence Commission (PEC), and has featured leaders from around the world in various areas of intellectual property and technologies.  In addition to providing valuable information to our viewers, the webinar series has enabled us to progress work being pursued by FICPI’s CET and PEC groups, which are actively engaged in the training and continuing education of IP professionals, as well as in providing policy input to national and regional patent offices around the world.

The fortnightly webinars are open to anyone - FICPI members and guests - and have so far featured “Subject Matter Eligibility”, “The New German Standard DIN 77006”, “Protecting Confidential IP Advice”, “Best Practices When Automating Workflows”, “Partial Designs”, “First Use Cases of IP Data Exchange”, “Divisional Applications”, and “Legal Tech”.  Future webinars include “EPO Strategic Plan”, “Best Reaction Against Competing E-Service”, “Simulations/Virtual Reality”, “Self-Assessment Questionnaire for IP Firms”, “Liability for Online Marketplaces”, “IP Valuation” and “Online Evidence and Authentication”.  Additional subjects are in the works.

The webinars have been widely viewed, and in addition to being viewed live with the opportunity to question our renowned speakers, have been recorded and are available on FICPI’s website.  Viewers may also contact our speakers after the live presentation for further comments and/or enquiries.  Due to the success of the “Connect, Share and Grow” webinar series, FICPI will be adding to and extending the already-scheduled line-up of topics past the original April 2021 end date.  FICPI hopes to continue these educational webinars not only through the challenges of the pandemic, but into the future when travel and in-person meetings resume.

The Chairs of the webinar committee, Sharon Crane and Swarup Kumar, thank the webinar committee, the CET Executive Committee and group chairs, the PEC, all the talented speakers, and particularly, Rebecca Sandland and Catherine Dhanjal, for their tireless commitment to this effort.

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