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St Petersburg

04 - 07 Oct 2016


Event Title 16th Open Forum - St Petersburg 2016
Session: Day 1
1. Business Development: A New Formula for Success – Developing a New Relationship with the Client
Moderator(s): Bastiaan Koster (Moderator)
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Rich Goldstein
Kathryn Szymczyk
2.1 Quality Patents: Drafting “good claims”
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Jan Modin (Moderator)
Keith Beresford
Alain Leclerc
Ena Pugatsch
3.1 Enforcement: When and where to act?
Moderator(s): Denis Monégier du Sorbier
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Roland Kehrwald
Ian Kirby
Natalia Stepanova
2.2 Search orders and effective cooperation with state authorities
Moderator(s): Daniel Alge (Moderator)
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Steve Brown
Naresh Kilaru
Patricia McGovern
Gaurav Mukerjee
Denis Voevodin
3.2 Apple v. Samsung Global Design and Trade Dress Litigation
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Robert Storey (Moderator)
Nik Ramchand
Thomas Schlief
Dan Warren (replacing Rob Katz)
Rachel Zhang
4.2 Trade mark practice beyond the Roman alphabet
Moderator(s): Mikhail Mozhaisky , Lena Shen , Leigh Walters
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Johan Løje (Moderator)
Elena Miller
2.3 Quality Control - Using Quality Assurance Methods to Bring your Firm to the Next Level
Moderator(s): Ivan Ahlert (Modererator) , Anne Lévy
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Guillaume de la Bigne
Vikrant Rana
Gloria Wu
3.3 Economic Parameters of an IP Firm - Applying the Principle “What Gets Measured Gets Managed” in IP Practice
Moderator(s): Richard Carden , Magnus Hallin
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Marek Lazewski
4.3 Retirement and Mentoring - Keeping knowledge within the firm
Moderator(s): Peter Huntsman , Brett Slaney , André Werner
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Eugene Arievich (Moderator)
4.1.1 Workshop: Interplay between patents and regulation: Telecommunications - FRAND
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Alexander Wyrwoll (Moderator)
Gregory Gramenopoulos
Kay Konishi
John Sideris
4.1.2 Workshop: Interplay between patents and regulation: Pharma
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Michael Caine (Moderator)
Francis Ahner
Larry Welch
Session: Day 2
5. Keynote Speech: The EPO and EAPO
Moderator(s): Julian Crump (Moderator)
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Raimund Lutz
Leonid Voronetsky
6.1 Keep it secret, keep it safe: How to identify and protect a trade secret
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Francesco Paolo Vatti (Moderator)
Jean Lapousterle
Fabrice Mattei
Jeff Pade
7.1 What is an invention? How to capture them?
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Kim Finnilä (Moderator)
Andrew Meikle
Eric Le Forestier
Shoichi Okuyama
8.1 The Unitary Patent and UPC is coming…soon?
Moderator(s): Marie Courboulay , Margot Frohlinger , Klaus Grabinski , Richard Hacon
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Julian Crump (Moderator)
6.2 Trade mark coexistence and its effects on rights
Moderator(s): Elia Sugrañes (Moderator)
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Ian Gill
Marina Grineva
John Pickerill
7.2 Unauthorised use of trade marks on the Internet: How can trade mark law help?
Moderator(s): Micheline Kelly Johnson (Moderator)
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Sally Able
Sara Ashby
Livia Pasqualigo
José Vega
8.2 Geographical Indications: Practical Strategies and Pitfalls for Businesses
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John Colbourn (Moderator)
Ortrun Gunzel
Stefan Hubacher
Eleni Kokkini
Donna Tobin
6.3 Hedging the Risks – How to Deal with the Unexpected or the Unwanted
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Philip Mendes da Costa (Moderator)
Ruth Christophersen
Stephen Krouzecky
Branko Pejic
7.3 Rationalising the Firm - Competing with Non-Lawyer Companies
Author Document File
Marc Levieils (Moderator)
Stephen Carter
Steven Leach
8.3 Non-Lawyer Ownership of IP Firms
Moderator(s): Danny Huntington (Moderator) , Michael Liebetanz
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Gordon Stark