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22 Nov 2019


Event Title FICPI Seminar Series 2019 - Singapore
Session: Day 1
1 Virtual Designs
Moderator(s): Coleen Morrison , Robert Watson
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Gabriel Di Blasi (Moderator)
2 Best Practices and Pitfalls of Reporting Examination Reports from Major IP Offices
Moderator(s): Kim Finnilä , Katsumori Iseki , Swarup Kumar , Sharon E. Crane, Ph.D.
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Didier Intès (Moderator)
3 How the Internet is changing the Practice of IP Law
Moderator(s): Brett J. Slaney , Coleen Morrison
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Michael Caine (Moderator)
4 Keynote Most interesting Developments of 2019 in European and US IP Practice
Moderator(s): Antonio Pizzoli , Sharon E. Crane, Ph.D. , Eleni Kokkini ,
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Julian Crump (Moderator)
5 AI and the 4th Industrial Revolution
Moderator(s): Brett J. Slaney
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Douglas N. Deeth (Moderator)
6 Governmental Strategies for Promoting Innovation and IP Protection Singapore
Moderator(s): Lanying Lena Shen , Martin Schweiger , Sungpil Hwang , Timothy Siaw
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Uwe R. Borchert (Moderator)