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06 - 09 Jun 2018


Code Name Title Download
CONGRESS/2018/RES/001 Harmonised approach for the protection of GUIs and Icons [English]
CONGRESS/2018/RES/002 Patent Eligibility [English]
CONGRESS/2018/RES/003 Virtual IP firms abiding by professional and ethical rules [English]
CONGRESS/2018/RES/004 Examination of slogan marks [English]
EXCO/CA18/RES/001 Conflicting applications [English]
EXCO/CA18/RES/002 PCT National Phase Requirements [English]
EXCO/CA18/RES/003 BREXIT and Trade Mark Use [English]
EXCO/CA18/RES/004 BREXIT and European Patents with Unitary Effect [English]
EXCO/CA18/RES/005 BREXIT and transition of EU registered rights and applications therefor [English]
EXCO/CA18/RES/006 Trademark Letters of Consent [English]
EXCO/CA18/RES/007 Trademark Applicants should be given reasonable length of time to respond... [English]
EXCO/CA18/RES/008 Late objections for lack of unity of invention [English]