Event Title World Congress - Toronto 2018
Session: Day 1
Plenary 1 AI in IP: How will Artificial Intelligence transform the practice of IP law?
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Dr. Alexander Esslinger
Louis-Pierre Gravelle
Gloria Q. Wu
Plenary 2 Expanding the Role of IP Attorneys in the Changing World
Moderator(s): Didier Intès
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James Pooley
Professor Sharon K. Sandeen
James Donald Smith
Plenary 3 Keeping an IP Practice Afloat: the perils, the pitfalls, the possibility, and the promise
Moderator(s): Marijo Coates , Susan J. Heakes , Dinesh N. Melwani , Lionel W. Newton
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Toni Ashton Polson
Breakout 4.1 Treasures in the attic - how much is that IP worth?
Moderator(s): Dr. Moonkyo Chung , Elise Deliau
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Anne Lévy
Breakout 4.2 §.101. Is there a coordinated move in B+ and elsewhere?
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Peter Huntsman
Dr. Daniel Alge
Dr. Sharon E. Crane
Judge Paul R. Michel
Breakout 4.3 Trade Secrets: How to deal with them in practice
Moderator(s): Leo J.J. Jessen
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Dr. Stefan Dittmer
James Pooley
Jacob Zhang
Session: Day 2
Plenary 5 The Firm in the Clouds – Virtualizing an IP Firm
Moderator(s): Dr. Patrick P. Erk
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Christian Bunke
Paula Jill Krasny
Swarup Kumar
Plenary 6 Trade related aspects of IP
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Robert Watson
Wolf Meier-Ewert
Loris Mirella
Kristin Wall
Plenary 7 Outsourcing IP Services
Moderator(s): Philip C. Mendes da Costa
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Stephen Binder
Peter Finnie
Essenese Obhan
Breakout 8.1 “Real stupidity always trumps AI” – Registrable and enforceable?
Moderator(s): Elia Sugranes
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Ellen Breddam
Shirley Kwok
Sanjukta Tole
Breakout 8.2 Need to Know Update on Design Protection of GUIs, Icons and Motion Designs
Moderator(s): Gabriel di Blasi
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Robert S. Katz
David Muls
Judy Yee
Breakout 8.3 BREAKING NEWS – All the Latest Developments You Need to Know
Moderator(s): Mariana Mostardeiro , Dr. Alexander J. Wyrwoll , Rita Zhang
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R. Danny Huntington
Session: Afghanistan
Keynote 9
Moderator(s): Douglas N. Deeth , Darlene Carreau , Drew Hirshfeld
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Raimund Lutz