Mr. David Cheng

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David Cheng is a registered patent attorney with nearly four decades of experience spanning all aspects of patent practice. He is dedicated to delivering quality work on time and has proudly served a diverse range of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Most of these clients have been working with David for over two decades. Notably, David has had the unique opportunity to grow alongside a global giant—recognized as a top 25 global pharma company by Torreya—since its early stages. Beyond his practice, David is deeply committed to enhancing the patent system. He has served as the second President of FICPI China and is an active participant in numerous international and local IP societies, including the ACPAA, AIPPI, INTA, AIPLA, PTMG, China Intellectual Property Society, and LES China.

Experience & Qualifications

Technical Specialisms
  • Biochemistry and pharmacology
  • Biology; agricultural science
  • Biomedical engineering; medical devices
  • Biotechnology; plant technology
  • Medical and veterinary methods and products
Professional Experience
  • Patent interferences, inter partes and ex parte reviews
  • Patent litigation
  • Patent prosecution
  • Registered design prosecution
  • Trade mark prosecution

Roles in FICPI

  • CET 3 International Patent Matters

    CET Group 3 focuses on developments of the international patent system and provides guidance to its users. Such developments can relate to both substantive and procedural aspects of patent law, and CET3 follows them across jurisdictions.

    CET3 identifies issues that deserve study, conducts the studies and provides guidance through various outputs available to the users of the patent system such as Guidelines, Position papers, and Resolutions. CET3 actively contributes to forging and advocating the position of FICPI in discussions on patent law harmonisation in key study and discussion groups such as the Group B+ and at the forums established by WIPO.

    CET3 also monitors and studies international agreements and conventions relating to patents, follows the developments of the PCT system and, where necessary, provides comments to WIPO and relevant authorities for defending a well-balanced international patent system.

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  • CET 5 Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

    CET Group 5 is dedicated to following, reporting and providing substantive comments and opinions on emerging issues relating to the patenting and regulatory affairs in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical fields. 

    In addition, CET 5 is closely following developments related to genetic resources and developing requirements for notice on their country of origin.  Prominent issues CET 5 addresses regarding patenting in these technological fields include subject matter eligibility, and in particular, the patentability of chemical/biological inventions developed using machines, computer implementation and/or artificial intelligence.  CET 5 supports FICPI in its mission to be an international leader promoting patent protection in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical arts.

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