Dipl.-Phys. Ralph Reinhard Hahner

Country/Region of practice
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Hobbies & Special Interests
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Sailing / Boating
Table tennis
Wine Tasting / Collecting
Social Media

Experience & Qualifications

Technical Specialisms
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronics, IT and telecommunications
  • Mechanical, electro-mechanical and mechatronic engineering
  • Physics
  • Software; computer-implemented inventions
Professional Experience
  • IP due diligence
  • Licensing and IP-related agreements
  • Patent drafting
  • Patent litigation
  • Patent oppositions

Roles in FICPI

  • CET 7 IP Enforcement and Alternate Dispute Resolution

    CET Group 7 focuses on contentious IP issues including but not limited to IP opposition (both pre and post grant), revocation, appeal, infringement action, amicable settlement of disputes including via alternate dispute resolution as well as substantive and procedural aspects related thereto.

    On behalf of FICPI, Group 7 also endeavours to keep a close watch on all crucial national and international developments on IP enforcement landscape including on custom actions, anti-counterfeit issues, reciprocal judgements, professional privilege, transfer of right etc and keep its membership abreast of such developments from time to time. Group 7 also aims to create a go to list of certified arbitrators and/or mediators within FICPI.

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  • German
  • English
  • French