Mr. Alcy Muluk

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Alcy Muluk is a registered Patent and Trademark Attorney and partner at ChapterOne-IP, Indonesia. His passion for anything IP-related can be traced back to his engineering background, his work as a CTO of a CGI & Prototyping boutique, as well as more than two decades of stewarding brands in the Asia-Pacific region. Alcy works with sole inventors, start-up entities, emerging businesses, and global Fortune 500 companies in protecting and leveraging their innovations for commercial advantage. A Berlin native, he is a huge sci-fi fan but can also be found hiking on paths less trodden.

Roles in FICPI

  • CET 8 Asian Issues

    CET 8, (formerly CET 9 Asian Group), was established in April 2015. It follows and studies the latest development of IP laws and practice in Asian countries and provides up-to-date information and comments. It will also actively attend meetings and communicate with local IP Offices and other authorities in Asia. In addition, CET 8 welcomes enquiries from other groups regarding IP issues in Asian countries and will closely cooperate with other groups on commonly interested topics.

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