The EUIPO provides a considerable amount of learning material on their website learning corner:

In order for them to assess how this is perceived by the user community, they reached out to all their accredited user organisations asking them to answer a short survey.  We circulated the EUIPO’s questions to FICPI’s EU members and received 49 responses, from which a single reply to the survey was compiled.  The responses included a number of topics our members were prepared to talk about, and we are grateful to those members who volunteered in this way.

It was notable that almost half of the respondents had never used the EUIPO Academy Learning portal – we encourage those of you who haven’t to take a look, as there are many resources for experienced attorneys, trainee attorneys and support staff.

Get involved

If you are interested in getting more involved with FICPI's work in the fields of trade marks or design, consider joining our Study and Work Groups known as: CET 1 (Trade Marks), CET 2 (Design).


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