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28 May 2024

The EPO will host expert speakers from the space sector for a discussion of the latest technology, market and IP innovation trends in space innovation this dynamic area. The event is a unique opportunity to interact with leaders in the field from the European Southern Observatory, European Space Agency and European Space Policy Institute. 
Further highlights include an introduction to the EPO’s new technology platform on space-related inventions, which makes the latest technical knowledge on space technologies available to researchers, scientists and anyone with an interest in the sector. This platform runs in the EPO’s free online patent database, Espacenet. 
Learn more about: 

  • the significance of ground technologies, such as telescopes, for basic science; 
  • the latest trends in cosmonautics and space observation technologies;
  • space agencies’ assessment of current challenges and opportunities in space innovation; 
  • startups and other private actors engaged in space innovation, and the IP implications;
  • policy and future perspectives on space for Europe.

The platform and discussions will underscore the crucial role of patents in fostering and protecting new space technologies.

In addition to highlighting the significance of intellectual property, the event also strategically positions the EPO as a noteworthy participant in the space sector.

Democratising patent information can encourage the diffusion of space-related patented inventions and foster further innovation. This will in turn help convert knowledge into socio-economic benefits, and channel research findings into new and improved products and services.

Join EPO and guest experts at 10:00 CET on 28 May for this online event to learn more about the future of innovation in space!