FICPI regularly consults its members for input when developing positions on legal issues.  Surveys are carried out to obtain information on the structure and operation of IP firms.  Responses to FICPI surveys are welcomed.
Following are details of current and recent surveys:


FICPI seeks your help as it builds global business intelligence

FICPI’s Professional Excellence Committee (PEC) seeks to further the knowledge base within FICPI and amongst members by gathering more information on IP practice management, with the goal of establishing FICPI as a global business intelligence unit for the IP profession. 

This year is the inaugural launch of the FICPI IP practice management benchmarking survey and builds on the excellent work started by the FICPI-France: l’Association des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle (ACPI).

The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete; enjoy a coffee while you’re thinking! 

Once published, the results will: 

  • Allow you to compare your firm with others in the region, country or world
  • Start to identify trends in the profession and IP marketplace
  • Allow PEC to identify challenges in the profession and to offer targeted advice
  • The success and weight of the survey information is dependent on the number of responses we receive
The survey results will be shared soon.


The IP asset management group of FICPI’s Professional Excellence Commission (PEC) has completed a survey to see how IP firms worldwide cope with the increased digitalisation of their business, the first FICPI survey to examine this topic.

The “IT Readiness” survey took a look at how well prepared IP firms are to tackle the digitalisation of their workflows.

The survey addressed questions such as:

  • Firm budgets reserved for IT
  • Implementation of automated workflows
  • Modes of communication with foreign counsel
  • The use of electronic filing firms by domestic clients

It also looked at:

  • Which technologies will have the greatest impact on FICPI member firms’ practice
  • What FICPI members see as the biggest advantages and biggest disadvantages to implementing AI-based systems
  • Where are the biggest technological threats and the greatest technological opportunities for members’ current business models
The full results of the survey are available here following the presentation of the results at FICPI’s Open Forum in Vienna.


This questionnaire was prepared by FICPI’s Professional Excellence Committee. The goal is to gather information on the management metrics used by the firms of FICPI members (and indeed whether any such metrics are used).

The study will identify trends in performance measurement in IP law firms. We would like to capture the specifics of the profession. If you are a member of a general law firm, please fill in the questionnaire exclusively with the data on your firm's IP practice.

The survey is strictly anonymous. The results will be presented only in the form of aggregate statistics, which prevents identification of individual responses and organizations.

The questionnaire consists of three parts. The first part is concerned with how the performance measurement is carried out in your firm. The second part relates to which performance metrics are used, and the third part contains question regarding the profile of your firm.

This survey will take approximately ten minutes to complete.