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Nestled in the heart of Spain, Madrid beckons with its rich tapestry of history, vibrant culture, and a dynamic blend of tradition and modernity.

As we gather for FICPI's 22nd Open Forum, this iconic city becomes the backdrop for our collective exploration of innovation.

A tapestry of culture and history

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Madrid resonates with the echoes of its storied past. From the grandeur of the Royal Palace to the bustling squares like Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol, every cobblestone tells a tale of centuries gone by. The city's numerous museums, including the renowned Prado Museum and Reina Sofía, house timeless masterpieces, offering glimpses into artistic genius across ages.

A hub of innovation and progress

Beyond its historical treasures, Madrid thrives as a contemporary hub of innovation and progress. Boasting a burgeoning startup scene and a thriving business landscape, the city exudes a magnetic energy for forward-thinking minds.

Amidst the cobblestone streets, hidden in the skyscrapers of modern districts, lie the offices of trailblazing law firms and intellectual property experts shaping the future of their field.

A culinary adventure


Prepare your palates for a culinary journey through Madrid's gastronomic delights. From the bustling markets bursting with fresh produce to the cosy taverns serving delectable tapas, Madrid offers an array of flavours to tantalise every taste bud.

Savour authentic Spanish cuisine while engaging in lively discussions and networking opportunities at some of the city's finest eateries.

Embrace the experience

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As we convene for FICPI's 22nd Open Forum, let Madrid inspire us. Let us embrace the city's spirit of innovation and creativity as we delve into the intricate world of intellectual property law. Let our discussions and collaborations echo through the streets, leaving an indelible mark on our collective pursuit of excellence.

Welcome to Madrid, where tradition meets innovation - a city pulsating with endless possibilities and the perfect setting for our intellectual discourse.

As one who has attended many similar conferences over the past quarter-century, I hope that you believe me when I say that the planning and preparations for the Open Forum are among the very best and most exciting I have experienced...

Norman K. Clark
Managing Principal
Walker Clark


The 22nd Open Forum will feature FICPI’s highly regarded multi-stream working programme, which permits attendees to participate in a wide choice of sessions from three parallel streams:  IP Practice Management, Patents and Trade Marks & Designs.


The FICPI 22nd Open Forum is an opportunity to gather insights from the international IP attorney community on IP practice-related issues or topics of IP law, while building business relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime.

The Open Forum will feature top quality speakers and topics in one of the world’s greatest cities, plus a fun social programme for delegates and guests to enjoy Madrid with dinners, tours and sports.

Highlights of the 2024 meeting in Madrid will include: 

IP LAW UPDATE  Debate important developments in the field of IP law and practice, and their impact on your day-to-day practice, with leading experts from the profession, IP Offices, governments, and the judiciary.

IP FIRM MANAGEMENT  Exchange ideas with colleagues from the IP profession on how best to manage and adapt your IP practice to the challenges of increased competition, harmonisation and centralisation and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING  Whether this will be your first FICPI Open Forum or your 22nd, the FICPI Madrid Open Forum will offer delegates multiple opportunities to meet and get to know colleagues from all over the world, during the working and social programmes.



More than 20 years’ of experience has won the FICPI Open Forum a strong reputation for high-quality working sessions, with a special focus on best practices in IP firm management.

All members of the IP profession are welcome to attend and share the benefits of being a delegate at one of the profession’s leading events.

FICPI members, non-members, intellectual property practitioners, and colleagues from industry and official bodies, are invited to attend to take advantage of the opportunities to build relationships with leading IP practitioners from Europe, North and Latin America, Australasia and Asia.

In addition to the business sessions, the 22nd Open Forum will feature an excellent social programme for both delegates and their guests, providing perfect opportunities to explore Madrid while meeting old friends and making new ones within the FICPI business family.


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