The latest EUIPO User Association Newsletter offers guidance on using the e-form in the User area :


Take care when attaching annexes

Users must pay special attention when attaching annexes to the e-form in the User Area.

Users may assume that attachments have been uploaded successfully, but during the process of uploading, they may have either unintentionally omitted annexes or failed to attach them for technical reasons.

It’s essential to carefully read the pop-up messages generated by the system when uploading annexes and to double-check the total number of pages of each submission in the receipt generated at the end of the transmission.

If, for some reason, users omit or fail to attach any annexes to the e-form, the EUIPO will consider the communication complete for the pages received. The EUIPO always accepts that the transmissions are accurate because the number of pages is counted automatically. This means that the EUIPO cannot notify users that annexes they may have intended to upload were not submitted successfully.

EUIPO guidance on annexesEUIPO guidance on annexes


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